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Viruses vs Bacteria

Viruses and bacteria have different cell structures and a different way of surviving.
Bacteria are one-celled organisms that live in your body (and only 1% of them cause disease).
A virus is much smaller. It hijacks your body, invades healthy cells and uses them to multiply. Eventually, the virus kills those cells, which is what makes you sick.
Viruses are surrounded by a protective protein coating; they don’t have cell walls that can be attacked by antibiotics like bacteria does. It is because of this that antibiotics don’t work on viruses.
There are more than 200 viruses that can cause the common cold alone.
Typically, doctors let your body’s immune system deal with the virus and recommend medicines that can alleviate symptoms.
Research suggest:
Getting enough sleep
Eating a healthy balanced diet
Regular exercise
Wash your hands frequently
If you are sick stay home to reduce the spread to others