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Prescription Refills

It is strongly recommended that you keep track of your refill dates.

Your prescription bottle should notify you when you will be out of medication.

If you have any questions about when your medication will expire, you can contact your Pharmacist or the prescribing Physicians Assistant.

In some instances your Pharmacy may be able to provide you with short-term prescriptions until the next available (non-urgent) appointment with your doctor.

If your pharmacist is unable to provide any refills & your medication runs out before your doctor’s next available non-urgent appointment, the Doctor may provide a short-term 30-day prescription. At that time, you should also book a follow-up appointment with your Primary Physician to discuss your current health, effectiveness of your prescribed medication, and to follow up on your Physicians care plan.

We have Walk-In Physicians available Monday to Friday excluding Holidays. Please see our Walk-In page for the current Walk-In schedule. There may be same-day appointments available with Physicians who can review and possibly prescribe you medication until you can see your Primary Physician. However, certain prescriptions should only be refilled with your Family doctor. These medications include but are not limited to: narcotics, sleeping pills, and ADHD medication. These are considered ‘controlled substances’.