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Not all of the services that we offer are covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHC). Each of these services is subject to a fee that must be paid in full when you arrive for your appointment. These fees are at the discretion of the individual physician & may be adjusted depending on the particular situation.

Insurance forms and reports

Blue Cross Authorization
Blue Cross Authorization (Palliative)
Disability Benefit Reports
Attending Physician’s Statement
CRA Disability Tax Credit Form
General Insurance Eligibility Forms

School or work forms and reports

Sick Note
Return to Work
School Requested Forms & Reports
Certificate of Fitness (Summer Camp, School, Travel, etc.)
Pre-Employment/Periodical Health Exam (Uninsured)
E.I./Pregnancy Leave Forms

Medical fitness forms and reports

Driver’s Medical (any class)
Aviation Medical
Disabled Parking Placard
Seniors Residence Medical Reports (Lodge, Manor, etc)
Child Welfare Forms (Adoption/Foster Care)

Office procedures

Surgical excision of warts/moles (cosmetic) 
Liquid Nitrogen (includes all treatments for affected area) 
Other Non-surgical (cosmetic) procedures vary
BOTOX varies
**BOTOX for chronic headaches & hyperhidrosis is partially covered**

Photocopies and charts

If Requested by Insurance Companies/Third Parties 
Patient Request (as per Alberta HIA regulations) 
File Transfer to Another Clinic

Other fees

Travel Advice (depends on how much time/information is required)
Phone/Fax Prescription Requests (only done in extenuating circumstances)
Missed Appointments (after 2 'no-shows' in a 12 month period)
Appointment Visit Reports (for income tax purposes)
Uninsured Office Visit 
Uninsured Complete Visit