140 Riverside Dr E, Drumheller, AB, T0J 0Y4

If you have a primary doctor please notify the Receptionist.

Please call (403) 823-3345 to book an appointment.

Your Alberta Health Care Card and Photo ID must be presented at every appointment.

We will make every effort to book you in with your Primary Physician however there may be instances where there is a long wait to see your Family Doctor. In these cases a different Physician or the Walk-In Doctor may be offered.

How do I get a Primary Physician?

If you are new to the clinic or do not have a primary physician you can ask the reception desk which physicians are taking new patients.

Some doctors require meet and greets to discuss taking on a new patient.

You do not need a Primary Physician to book an appointment with a Physician. Please call reception to discuss booking options.

Find out more about our Physicians by clicking here

Missed appointments without notice

The Clinic may bill a fee if an appointment is missed without notification, especially if it happens more than once. Future appointments will not be booked until you have paid the fee.

Our physicians make every effort to keep their appointments on schedule. Emergencies do arise, however, and sometimes a delay is unavoidable. When this happens, we do all we can to minimize the inconvenience.

Cancelling an appointment & Appointment Reminders

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can book someone else in that appointment time.

*Please note that clinic staff does not call for appointment reminders.

Updating your contact information

If you move, change your home, cell or work phone numbers, please contact our clinic so that we have your current contact information.

If your mailing address is different from your home address please make sure we have both on file.

Updating your contact information is important so our Physicians and staff can follow up with your health care.

What to bring to an appointment

Your health care card and/or picture ID may be required.

If you are not seeing your Primary Physician please bring either your pills or a list of medications that you are currently taking including vitamins, supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Please bring any forms or notes that you need the doctor to complete. (Not all forms can be completed during the visit)

*Forms / Notes are uninsured services not covered by Alberta Health Care, therefore a fee may apply.