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The Drumheller Community Seniors Coalition Team; Image courtesy of Kim Larsen

Some positive news for those families that are living with dementia in the Drumheller Valley.

A relatively new group, the Drumheller Community Seniors Coalition, has been working very hard to bring programs and services to the Drumheller Valley supporting people living with dementia, families, support people, and those at risk of isolation or without a social support network. The “Coalition” applied for a grant through the Rural Development Network to bring Memory Café to Drumheller.  Kim Larsen, a Community Recreation Therapist with Alberta Health Services in Drumheller, shares the details of Memory Café. “Memory Cafe is a program that is designed to be friendly and welcoming. To provide social interaction, support, and activities, for people living with dementia and their caregivers. Our hope is that it will bring people together that have similar living situations so they can enjoy the comradery of others who understand what it’s like to live with dementia, or to be in the caregiving role.”

Involved in the Drumheller Community Seniors Coalition are Kim Larsen and Lisa Orton with AHS, Amanda Panisiak with the Primary Care Network, and Liza Trohan, Senior Outreach Nurse with AHS.

There are numerous benefits to those who attend Memory Café according to Larsen. “We have found that there is not a lot of opportunity for people living with dementia, and their caregivers, to participate in activities where that supportive environment is provided. Because everyone coming to the program will be in a similar situation, that risk of stigma is gone. Our hope is that they are able to form friendships and that they’ll look forward to coming to this program every month.”

The program has partnered with the Homestead Museum so that they will be able to use some items to spur on the conversation. Larsen also shares that with the funding received by the grant, $5,000, they may be able to go on outings to other locations in our community, like the Royal Tyrrell Museum, or even bring in entertainment to the monthly meeting.

If you are interested in being involved or would like more information on the program, contact either Kim Larsen or Lisa Orton, who are both AHS Community Recreation Therapists by phone at 403-820-7297. The venues for the meetings are yet to be confirmed.

Drumheller & Area Health Foundation Support

Drumheller Associated Physicians and Guardian Radiology each presented the Drumheller Area Health Foundation (DAHF) with $7,500 in donations, totaling $15,000, towards the laparoscopic surgical tower. DAHF has been raising funds to purchase a new laparoscopic tower to help support laparoscopic surgeries such as hernia and gall bladder at the Drumheller Health Centre and, to date, a total of $152,000 has been raised; DAHF is hopeful the remaining $8,000 will soon be fully fundraised and the tower can be purchased this year. At the presentation were (l-r) interim acting site manager and acute care manager for Drumheller Health Centre Maria Bergos, Sarah Crain from Guardian Radiology, DAHF treasurer Gary Krabsen, DAHF director Tom Zariski, and Dr. A. Randolph and Dr. C. Blackburn from Drumheller Associated Physicians.

New Medical Team Member

Welcome to the newest member of our medical team, Darwin La Hue. He is a Family Nurse Practitioner through our Primary Care Network (PCN) and will be working to provide care to our patients at Drumheller Associated Physicians. Read further to get to know more about Darwin and make sure to say hi if you see him in the office! For more information on the role of a Nurse Practitioner, click the link below:
“I am originally from Vancouver, BC but moved to Calgary, after completing a Masters of Biomedical Physiology through SFU, to start the University of Calgary Nursing program. I focused the next eight years of nursing on the treatment and management of acute and chronic health concerns of patients within the community and hospital setting. In 2021, I graduated from the University of Regina with a Masters of Nursing and a Family Nurse Practitioner designation.
During my FNP studies I focused on rural family medicine, studying under rural doctors and nurse practitioners in central Alberta. It’s through this experience I realized my passion for chronic pain management, emergency medicine, and working with patients to meet their health goals.
Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring the wonders of Alberta. I also enjoy playing music, gaming, seeing the arts, and traveling.
I look forward to fill the primary care needs of the residents in Drumheller and surrounding area.”

Sunshine Specialty Medical Care Clinic

We are proud to now share our space with Sunshine Specialty Medical Care Clinic, run by Internal Medicine specialist Dr. Abdul Mateer.

This newly renovated area includes a variety of services including Holter monitor and 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. These are important tools in diagnosing and treating high blood pressure and abnormal rhythms of the heart.

Dr. Mateer is continuing to expand services and will soon include cardiac stress testing, echocardiograms, and pulmonary function testing.


Today is National Seniors Day

October 1, 2021, is National Seniors Day!

The Drumheller Associated Physicians wish to recognize the important contributions that seniors make to our community.

Amanda and Myrna are two of our Big Country PCN nurses who share our medical home. One of their roles is to provide comprehensive care to seniors.

Join Dr. Amanda Randolph in celebrating our seniors!

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