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“Let’s Go Rural”

Last weekend, Dr. Olfert, Dr. Amanda Randolph, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Brock Randolph were pleased to volunteer with the “Let’s Go Rural” program where they shared their love for rural medicine with 27 medical and nursing students.

🚑In partnership with RhPAP, the Drumheller Standing Committee on Health and local health professionals planned a jam-packed weekend that included a hospital tour, stops at the community Legion, the World’s Largest Dinosaur, Badlands Community Facility, the Last Chance Saloon and the Nacmine Community Pancake Breakfast. 🥞

🎉From classroom to community, the students immersed themselves in rural healthcare in #Drumheller! Big thanks to all involved for this unforgettable experience!

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

This year, Colorectal Cancer Canada (“CCC”) is highlighting the importance of screening with their various activities and the launch of the “#EveryBum” campaign: Colorectal cancer affects everyone and #EveryBum. Get Screened.
Their objective is to make all Canadians aware that colorectal cancer is Preventable, Treatable, and Beatable, and, if caught in its early stages, it is 90% curable. As colorectal cancer is not just an old person’s disease, all Canadians should be more aware of the signs and symptoms as well as what to do if they arise. Getting screened regularly is key!
#ABHealth #PrimaryCare #ColorectalCancerAwareness

Fuji has heart for AHS

A Drumheller man feels happy to be alive and is extremely grateful for the health care system in our community and Alberta.
“I would like to say how good our health care system is. AHS was sure awesome for me, that’s for sure,” Darrell Berlando told the Mail when sharing his ordeal. In days he went from going about his everyday life to being rushed to Edmonton for an emergency procedure that saved his life.
Earlier in the year, he noticed he was getting frequent heartburn, and on Thursday, February 18, it struck again, only this time it was persistent.
“I was in a meeting over the computer, and it kept getting worse and worse and wouldn’t go away, it was a burning at the top of my chest,” he said.
He went home, and his wife Laurie took one look at him and insisted they go to emergency. Within five minutes of walking in, he was in the ER and quickly began blood work and an ECG. They also sprayed nitroglycerine under his tongue.
“The fastness and efficiency at which they worked, there was no time wasted at all,” he said.
Dr. Ibrahim Moshood was the attending physician and by 6 p.m., Berlando was feeling better and his blood work looked normal. The doctor insisted he stay until later in the evening to retest because sometimes it takes time for the incident to show up in the blood work. At 10 p.m., he was tested again, and it indicated there were still issues.
In the morning, he was tested again, and it was determined he had a heart attack and was taken to the Red Deer Hospital. On Saturday, the doctor in Red Deer said he needed an angiogram. One of his arteries was blocked at 85 per cent. It turns out that Dr. Moshood had the foresight to book him for the procedure in Edmonton on Monday.
“On Monday morning, went from Red Deer to Edmonton to the Royal Alexander Hospital where I saw the most well-oiled machine I have ever seen in my life,” he said.
He said the medical team went in and took a picture of his heart that showed the blockage.
“So now I got a picture of my heart, so if someone tells me I’m heartless, I can show them this picture,” he said.
He said in less than 45 minutes the procedure was complete, and he had a stent in his heart.
He was taken back to Red Deer, and in less than 24 hours, he was checked out and on his way home.
Today he is doing well and is taking his health more seriously. He chose to talk to the Mail because he was impressed with the quality of service and professionalism he experienced in the health system, from contact to completion.
“From as soon as I walked into the Drumheller Hospital until I was released from the Red Deer Hospital, our health service was unbelievable,” he said. “With all the bad news and how everybody badmouths everything. I have complained about my taxes for years, but then I thought this little episode probably ate up most of the taxes I paid over the last decade.”
“Every nurse and doctor or nurse I dealt with was amazing, and I couldn’t ask for better care.”

See the article from the Drumheller Mail here

Clinic Update

Due to the growing number of Community cases in Drumheller, the Drumheller Associated Physicians will be going back to all appointments by phone calls only. If the Physician needs to bring you into the clinic they will arrange the in person appointment with you. The Walk In part of the clinic will continue to run but we will ask that you remain in your vehicles until it is your appointment time. The Physician in the Walk In will call you first for screening purposes and making sure they are handling each patient appropriately to their needs.
At this time we are working closely with Alberta Health and are following the proper COVID protocols. We will continually update our Website and Facebook page with any additional changes we need to make.

Update on Clinic Access during the COVID 19 Pandemic

The team at Drumheller Associated Physician wishes to extend the following information to the community regarding ongoing clinic access to care during the COVID pandemic:

As a result of increasing case numbers in our immediate and surrounding area, we are encouraging virtual care clinic practices whenever possible at this time. In the recent weeks we had been starting to open up care for more in person assessments, however as our area has seen more COVID cases we are wanting to ensure the clinic remains as safe as possible and utilized for essential care only. Your doctor is still available to touch base with you by phone or video visit, and if deemed necessary can and will still see you in clinic.

Thank you all for your understanding in this as we try to do our part to keep the clinic a safe access point.

Preventative Measures April 13, 2020

Please be advised as of April 13, 2020, Drumheller Associated Physicians is taking preventative measures to protect our patients and staff with in the Clinic from the spread of COVID 19 pandemic. We ask if you are coming to the clinic for our Walk-In services after you have been screened and checked in, you will be asked to wait in your vehicle until it is your time to see the Physician. This will help us maintain proper Social Distancing with in the clinic. If you have any symptoms such as, fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat, or runny nose please don’t come to the clinic call 811 for assistance. The Physicians at Drumheller Associated Physicians are also able to book phone appointment or Virtual Care appointments please call the clinic to book these types of appointments at 403-823-3345. If you are in a medical emergency please call 911.