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☀️ Summer Health Series ☀️ Summer Heat Safety

☀️ Summer Health Series ☀️ Summer Heat Safety
High summer temperatures continue to grip Alberta.
#StaySafe while enjoying our remaining hot days and avoid heat-related illness with these tips:
☀️ avoid strenuous activity in hot, humid weather or during the hottest part of the day (between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.)
☀️ drink plenty of water before, during and after physical activity
☀️ wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing to keep your skin cool
☀️ take frequent breaks in the shade, by a fan or in air-conditioned spaces
☀️ avoid drinking alcohol, which increases blood flow to the skin and elevates the risk of dehydration
☀️ ask your doctor for advice about hot-weather activity and your risk of getting a heat-related illness – especially if you take medications regularly
For more tips on how to prevent and treat mild heat-related illnesses at home, and when to see a doctor, visit
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August is #MedicAlert Awareness Month 🚑

August is #MedicAlert Awareness Month! Medical IDs are essential if you have life-threatening or potentially dangerous medical conditions.

Did you know? You can set up a medical ID on your phone. In case of an emergency, it gives first responders access to:

🚑 medical conditions

🚑 medications

🚑 allergies

🚑 emergency contacts

If you are an Apple user, visit the Health app to set up your medical ID. Android users can download the medical ID app from the PlayStore.

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August 12 is #InternationalYouthDay

Today is #InternationalYouthDay and this year’s theme is Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages.

@United Nation’s The Global Report on Ageism highlights that young people continue to report age-related barriers in various spheres of their lives, including health care.

To learn more about this year’s theme, visit

No matter your age, your doctor’s office is a safe space to share your health concerns.

#InternationalYouthDay #AgeismInHealthCare

☀️ Summer Health Series ☀️ – Healthy Snacks

☀️ Summer Health Series ☀️
Healthy snacks can be an important part of your daily eating habits. They can help you get all the nutrients you need.
Here are some snacking tips to consider adding to your hiking backpack or tucking into your beach bag:
🍉 Take advantage of the seasonal fruit and veggies available right now. You can prep them and keep in reusable containers in the fridge for easy ‘grab and go’ snacking.
🍉 Limit foods such as candy, pop, fruit juice, fruit drinks and chips. They are higher in sugar, saturated fat, or salt.
🍉 Stay Hydrated – Make sure to pack a bottle of water.
Check out @AHS’s healthy eating page, where you can access recipes & tips on how to incorporate healthy eating into your life.
If you are looking for support around healthy eating, reach out to your family doctor. They can help connect you to PCN dietitians and workshops to help!

National Book Lovers Day!

It’s #nationalbooklovers day! Reading is a great way to improve your mental health. It has been linked with many benefits such as:

📘 relaxing your mind and body

📘 exercising your brain to increase brain health

📘 calming your thoughts

Grab a book and start reading — even a few minutes can positively impact your mental health.

For more information regarding mental health concerns, speak to your family doctor.

#MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness

International Self-Care Day

Sunday, July 24 is International Self-Care Day 💚
There are six types of self-care: emotional, physical, social, practical, spiritual and mental.
Mental health is a major component of self-care and affects people of all ages.
@albertahealthservices Access Mental Health offers non-urgent information, consultation, and referrals for individuals with addiction and/or mental health concerns.
If you’re experiencing mental health concerns, speak to your family doctor to learn which resources are available to you.
Learn more about Access Mental Health:
You can also talk to your family doctor if you have concerns.

☀️ Summer Health Series ☀️ – Bike Helmets

☀️ Summer Health Series ☀️
Wearing a bike helmet can lower the risk of head injury by 40% and the risk of serious head injury by 60%. Before going for a family ride, ensure children are wearing a helmet.
How to check if a helmet fits correctly:
✔️ the straps form a “V” below and in front of the earlobes
✔️ the front edge of the helmet sits one to two fingers above the eyebrows
✔️ the space between the chin and chinstrap is one finger-width
For more tips on buying and fitting a helmet, visit:

#SummerHealthSeries #WearAHelmet #BikeSafety 🚴‍♂️

The Drumheller Community Seniors Coalition Team; Image courtesy of Kim Larsen

Some positive news for those families that are living with dementia in the Drumheller Valley.

A relatively new group, the Drumheller Community Seniors Coalition, has been working very hard to bring programs and services to the Drumheller Valley supporting people living with dementia, families, support people, and those at risk of isolation or without a social support network. The “Coalition” applied for a grant through the Rural Development Network to bring Memory Café to Drumheller.  Kim Larsen, a Community Recreation Therapist with Alberta Health Services in Drumheller, shares the details of Memory Café. “Memory Cafe is a program that is designed to be friendly and welcoming. To provide social interaction, support, and activities, for people living with dementia and their caregivers. Our hope is that it will bring people together that have similar living situations so they can enjoy the comradery of others who understand what it’s like to live with dementia, or to be in the caregiving role.”

Involved in the Drumheller Community Seniors Coalition are Kim Larsen and Lisa Orton with AHS, Amanda Panisiak with the Primary Care Network, and Liza Trohan, Senior Outreach Nurse with AHS.

There are numerous benefits to those who attend Memory Café according to Larsen. “We have found that there is not a lot of opportunity for people living with dementia, and their caregivers, to participate in activities where that supportive environment is provided. Because everyone coming to the program will be in a similar situation, that risk of stigma is gone. Our hope is that they are able to form friendships and that they’ll look forward to coming to this program every month.”

The program has partnered with the Homestead Museum so that they will be able to use some items to spur on the conversation. Larsen also shares that with the funding received by the grant, $5,000, they may be able to go on outings to other locations in our community, like the Royal Tyrrell Museum, or even bring in entertainment to the monthly meeting.

If you are interested in being involved or would like more information on the program, contact either Kim Larsen or Lisa Orton, who are both AHS Community Recreation Therapists by phone at 403-820-7297. The venues for the meetings are yet to be confirmed.

Mama, My Hero – By Anthea Maseka

Anthea Maseka was inspired by her daughter-in-law, who worked as an ICU nurse while pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic, to write a children’s book, “Mama, My Hero”.

Mama, My Hero highlights the realities of the current pandemic and the magic of a uniquely innocent perspective. This is the story of one day in the life of an intensive care unit nurse working during the COVID-19 pandemic, as told by her unborn baby.

She has been featured on CityTV, A Woman A Day YYC, and DrumhellerOnline.

More information about the book can be found on: